June 2017

Nicholas Stoddard, Community Facilitator, Veith House


NECC Community BBQ June 21st, 4-6pm at Isleville Park! Rain date: Thursday, June 22nd.

Stephanie Skipper, NSCC IT Campus Leeds Street


Here on behalf of Kate and Sarah to see what’s going on.

Looking for community organizations to come participate in our open house on october 19, which is open to the whole community. It could be a good way for community organizations to recruit volunteers among new students or staff.

There is still space in the Adult Learning Program (ALP); assessments going on throughout the summer.

I work in the testing centre at the IT campus, and GEDs became free this year. Starting this year I’ll be opening up more seats in the test centre. Send folks my way if they’re looking to complete the GED. There are two NSCC testing centres; one in Halifax at the Novalea campus, one in Dartmouth at the Akerley campus. Both are open 9am-9pm. More info at nscc.ca/services/testing services

Barry Schmidtl, Department of Community Services


Manager of service provider relations.

Liaison between DCS and service providers, of which there are 150 in HRM

Just before the provincial election, there was an announcement of funding for the sexual violence prevention strategy, and various networks/organizations across province were funded. Autism NS, Heartwood, etc. More info on the strategy here: https://novascotia.ca/coms/svs/

Lisa Roberts, MLA Halifax Needham


Just re-elected, getting back into it thinking about what some goals will be at a constituency level for the next 6-7 months, or maybe until December as I’ve found it helpful to have a few priority projects that I want to work on.

First day of election campaign, I hosted conversation around housing, and would like to have a follow-up. I’d like to be welcoming to collaboration with other organizations who are already involved in that conversation.

Realistically, we’re talking a September date for the follow-up conversation

Our consituency office getting up and going again; we have a small budget available for advertising, and our priority is advertising with not-for-profit groups.

Wonder’neath, Dramatic Changes, have had us advertise with them, will also advertise at NECC barbeque which can help cover small expenses, like burgers. Not huge money, it’s small money, open to sharing it around. Capping each organization at around $500 annually.

Jan Catano, Halifax Community Health Board


What we’re doing right now is interviewing new board members. We had excellent candidates this year- and we have twice as many as last year!

CHB don’t meet in July and August but if any of you have community events or things you’d like to talk to us about, you can send us an email.

Rachel MacPhee, NS Early Childhood Development Intervention Services


Work within North and South end Halifax

Work with children that have developmental delays from birth- to school- age

Here to find what programs and community resources are available to refer clients to, and always open for referrals.


Paul Beesley, Soul’s Harbour Rescue Mission


Organizing the 5th annual Ride for Refuge, a fundraiser bikeathon on September 30.

We have a lofty goal for fundraising. Invite you to make a team, sign up to fundraise, could donate, could enter your own organization to also fundraise for yourselves. Aiming to raise $50,000!

More info here: https://rideforrefuge.org/charity/soulsharbour

Pauline Peters, Resident of the North End


Happy Community Project, which is popping up all over HRM. The project started in Sackville has been really popular.

The focus is on social connectedness among communities. This is to augment things that are going on and get others involved in starting things as well. Our particular focus is in the far North end area from the Hydrostone to the Basin. Our first meeting is on June 13th, 6:30pm at NSCC in room B239. Charles Bull (of St. Margaret of Scotland) and I have been most active in planning this. This meeting is to get us started and look at how we might build on that and get more people involved. Biggest thing is social connectedness, building on what others are doing. Check out what’s going on in Sackville, as an example, here: https://www.facebook.com/HappyCommunityProject/

Shauna McKay, summer student, Deep Water Church


Here to see what’s available in the North End community


Ada MacDonald, Womens’ programming, Salvation Army/Open Arms Centre on Uniacke Street.

Salvation Army Wellness Check-In on July 16, 1-2:30pm. Health care professionals come in to do foot care, vision screening, glucose screening, etc. Free; first come/first served.

Jen Lohnes, Salvation Army, Open Arms Centre


Salvation Army hosts a summer camp at Scotia Glen for kids aged 7-12, all expenses covered. There is a camp for moms/caregivers and tots as well, which is a great chance for people with kids under the age of 7 to get away for the weekend learn about bonding activities, connecting.


Ross Unger, Dramatic Changes


Gentrification: a Hip Hop musical. Open to participants, story contributions

Pipeline 21st Century Protests: Alton Gas

Mental health program for winter, worked with Northwood, St. Joseph’s Alexander McKay school. Arts, crafts, songwriting for mental health

Anti-oppressive improv group meets weekly. Improv performance around challenging stereotypes. Happening at Radstorm on Almon Street.

Gambling awareness program called Take a Seat at the Table. We’re designing a game for children to talk about addiction and how sometimes people aren’t in control. We have funding until the end of the year. If you have any teachers in mind we could connect with, get in touch. We have connections with SJAM but looking to connect with other schools as well.

Educational musical around food justice, reclaiming concrete jungles, etc.

Program on immigration and citizenship with ISANS. We had our first session and it was really amazing. If you know any newcomers interested in participating/performing, get in touch.

Street Party Project got funding to support Black Street and Creighton Street parties.

Musical about queer women giving birth. Know anyone interested in participating or sharing stories, let us know.

We can come and perform at fundraisers!

Working on a partnership with Souls Harbour to do a dinner theatre improv show, for example.

Currently working on getting a grant for a youth employment position with us for 6 months, currently soliciting letters of support.


Lorna Crawley, North End Parent Resource Centre


Beautification Day, July 17th, for the housing area on Uniacke Square and Creighton Street. Litter clean up, flower planting, kids’ activities, live music, cake walk, community BBQ.

Partnering with several groups including Salvation Army.

Now have a web page! neprc.org

Fathers’ Day Brunch on the 15th Thursday, if you know any fathers in the community, send them over.

AGM on June 28th, will be featuring a guest speaker.

Summer Fun program July 4- August 18th, still planning it. More details to come! Will be 9:30am-3:30pm.


Lindsay MacIsaac, Wellness Facilitator, Community Health Teams


Free health and wellness programs

Wellness navigation: help navigating the system, connecting to programs & services

We’re looking for help with trying to reach folks, for feedback in North End about ways we can get information to people about what we have to offer. We’ve tried adding a ‘moneysaver’ in with the program flyer, directly into peoples’ mailboxes. Does this work? Do people read them? Any feedback on how to spread the word out is welcome. We need your help!

Rozzi Curran, Executive Director, St. George’s YouthNet


Programs for youth in the Uniacke area

Summer camps still have a few spots left! Day camps, wilderness camps.


Melissa Marr, Wonderneath Arts Society


AGM June 22nd, 7-9pm, everyone welcome

Art Bikers are currently located at our studio, they are participating in the NECC barbeque, bike week, etc. If you’re interested in their mobile art outreach program, get in touch.

Our open Studio, a free drop-in program with art resources and a supportive community atmosphere, is still running 2 days a week Fridays and Saturdays, as long as funding is approved it will continue in the fall but will only be on Saturdays throughout the summer. Now open Friday and Saturdays in June from 2-4:30pm and 5-7pm. We will be closed on July 1, after that just open on Saturdays.

We’re working on a new project called North End Halifax: A People’s History. This project will focus on using the medium of screenprinting to honour residents of the North End, living or dead. We’re looking for a total of 16 participants, including youth and elders, all of whom will be guided through the process. We want to build a portfolio of inspirational people- if you want to honour someone who has inspired you in North End Halifax and you feel should be highlighted in this project, get in touch. This summer, Shya Ishaq will be involved in the project. Sign up if you’re interested!

Brittany Eisner,  social worker, Reachability


We offer programs around employment, working on next steps, volunteering, etc. My role is to provide one-on-one opportunities for people; my space is available to do therapy, career navigation, etc., so it’s really helpful for me to see what’s out there as a lot of our clients are in the North End.

3d annual Bluenoseability Film Festival. This year it will be running for four days, Thursday-Sunday, most happening at Halifax Central Library. www.baff.ca

Still accepting short film submissions until August 30. All ages. Had some funding from 150 Forward. Diversity within disability, accessibility.

Just got a hedgehog for the animal therapy program!

Jessica Winton, visual artist in North End


I’ve been creating participatory art projects, and lately that has taken form of parade floats.

I’m working with the North End Library and Wonder’neath for Natal Day Parade floats. The float for the North End Library will be called The Vision. Local people came up with concept, are helping to build it. We’ll be decorating it on June 10 at 10am in a garage down below the library, where they used to have a library bus.

The Natal Day Parade is August 7th. If you want to participate, show up at 9am at Needham Hill by the Needham Recreation Centre.

Barb Bird, volunteer with Diabetes Canada (formerly Canadian Diabetes Association)


Summer slows things down a little bit for us. We don’t usually have webinars throughout summer, but something is coming up on Friday, June 9th. Association of Volunteer Management Professionals of Nova Scotia. Anyone who would like to attend its 9-4pm Captain William Spry Centre in Spryfield. Small charge for non members lunch included $45, $30 for members.

Marian Chisolm, part of general public.


I do a lot of Facebook posting. [Sometimes I post things] not directly located in the community, but I look at those things as an educational opportunity.  Just trying to get information out there.

The Atlantic Film Festival short film faceoff is happening, and you can be part of the studio audience by calling 902-420-4752. Thursday June 8 until the 16th in the CBC Building.

Erica Fraser, Food Action Committee volunteer, Ecology Action Centre


Upcoming event on June 21st, 6-8pm: A Food Policy for Canada: Digging Deeper where we’ll learn about a national food policy that’s in the works for Canada (we’re the only G8 country without one!), the current public consultation process that’s going on (online survey here: https://www.canada.ca/en/campaign/food-policy/have-your-say.html), and some information about how to engage various levels of government in tackling food issues, (like food deserts!). The event is partly a potluck (6-6:30pm), partly a ‘teach’, led by Satya Ramen, the Senior Community Food Policy Coordinator of the Ecology Action Centre’s Our Food Project, and partly a dynamic ‘world cafe’ discussion about important food issues as they relate to the four themes in the survey (increasing access to affordable food, improving health and food safety, conserving water, soil and air, and growing more high-quality food).

I’m in the process of working with folks at the North End Community Health Centre and representatives of various other organizations that work with folks experiencing food insecurity to form a Neighborhood Food Coalition that will act as a networking and advocacy group for food justice in Halifax. We’re currently researching what works and what doesn’t as far as coalitions go (this research spearheaded by the NECHC’s student Brittany Larson), what is happening on a higher-level in Nova Scotia (municipal and provincial), and how we can best fill the gaps and amplify community voices. Stay tuned!

Feel free to get in touch for more info or to get on the email list for the Neighborhood Food Coalition.